Sarawak Museum

Places To Visit In Kuching – Sarawak Museum

Your Kuching travel will never be completed if you miss the Sarawak Museum. The entrance is free anyway and it has so much to tell you about Kuching and also the story of entire Sarawak. Some says that by just visiting Sarawak Museum alone and spend an hour walk through the entire museum is as good as traveling to the whole of Sarawak for a week. It’s located next to Merdeka Palace Hotel in Kuching.

The Sarawak Museum is often touted as one of the finest museum in South East Asia. Built in 1891 by the Second Rajah of Sarawak, Sir Charles Brooke, it is situated on the fringe of the old quarter of Kuching a stone throw away from Merdeka Palace Hotel, or about 5 minutes walk from Carpenter Street.

A wide display of stuffed animals, birds, fish and reptiles can be found on the ground floor. There are also display of a printing press machine, tribal weapons, replicas of tribal war boats. The first floor has an interesting actual size replica of the inside of an Iban longhouse which the visitor can enter and experience. The floor are made of wood and bamboo and creak when you step on them. Visitors can get up close to even touch the vases and urns on display. There are also actual cluster of human skulls hanging from the ceiling, which is a common sight in longhouses, a reminder of the Iban’s headhunting tradition of the olden days.

There is a new wing of the museum, but one has to cross the busy road via a pedestrian walkway. This is a much bigger premises, and is called the Tun Abdul Razak Exhibition Hall (after Malaysia’s 2nd PM).  Large amount of vases and urns of the various tribe of Sarawak are displayed here. There are cannons, weapons, write-ups on history of Sarawak and many other interesting artifacts. A well stock souvenir shop and a canteen can be found on the corner. On the museum ground, there is an actual period Iban war boat and an impressive Kenyah tribal burial pole with intricate carvings, both are worth a look.

Places To Visit in Kuching – Sarawak Museum
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